Welcome To Your Adventure…

Welcome to the world of Carisma Scale Adventure. This is just the starting point on a journey that for many will undoubtedly last a lifetime. The first step was simply opening the box. The next will be entirely up to you.

Find that perfect location, drive from point A to point B, soaking in the scenery along the way and truly becoming at one with your environment.  The world in which we live is so diverse; its terrain is varied and challenging but the SCA-1E Coyote, our first release, offers the perfect travelling companion to embrace it all, head on…

The rig offers tried and trusted off road features, like a live (solid) axle,  4WD driveline, a centrally located transmission and high torque motor, true 4-link suspension and geometry, adjustable, coil over, oil filled shocks, and soft compound deep tread tyres. The electrics are waterproof, the  steering servo high torque, and the 2.4GHz radio system safe and interference free.

The Coyote bodyshell can be left completely stock, or personalised with your own level of additional detail. You can easily adjust the weight bias and how the rig handles by adjusting the main battery pack’s location or, as advised in the manual, by adding wheel weights.

Its extreme abilities can be further enhanced by adding a remote controlled winch to the front bumper and, for night running optional LED lighting can be fitted. The electronic speed controller is set to crawler mode as standard, offering instant reverse and an always-on drag brake function. This improves the rig’s ability to descend very steep inclines under complete electronic descent control.

Consider the SCA-1E Coyote as a blank sheet of paper. You decide its future feature set and abilities and, in turn, it will help shape your own personal destiny. From myself as Brand Manager, and the whole Carisma Scale Adventure Team, thank you for becoming another member of the fast-growing Global Scale Community, and Carisma’s RC family. We hope you enjoy every aspect of the journey.


Life is short, so truly live it, one #CarismaScaleAdventure at a time!