In late 2017 a global pandemic struck the earth. Within 72 hours the airborne virus had been carried in the upper atmosphere, and in what’s now described as Lazarus Rain, fell, and infected over 70% of the population. The living quickly died, and then rose again. The already dead (and mostly buried) …well, let’s just say they didn’t stay like that for long. Three keywords were broadcast repeatedly on all available channels, and in every language known to man. Avoidance, Termination & Disposal.

Instructions for carrying out each stage were dropped in their thousands as leaflets by cargo transports, flown remotely from bunkers deep underground. Those who chose to heed the instructions had a chance, although slim to get to the rapidly depleting safe zones dotted around the planet. Those that didn’t, or couldn’t bring themselves to terminate loved ones, quickly succumbed to the already infected.

RTR (Ready to Resist)

To help survivors, the remaining living world leaders trained their elite military personnel to form ORV Units. These mobile Outbreak Response Teams were equipped with specially designed LYNX Outbreak Response Vehicles. Heavily armoured, Hybrid 4x4’s, packed with enough tech and weaponry to both locate, terminate and dispose of even the most aggressive of the undead.

Model Ref: 78768

With a high intensity light bar, waterproof cab and snorkel equipped engine, even the deepest rivers or flooded inner city streets won’t stand in its way. The permanent 4x4 system, with locked diff’s, high torque motor and gearing allows the LYNX to climb or descend even the steepest of inclines. The true 4-link suspension with threaded big bore, oil filled, coil over shocks, soaks up any terrain, the High Torque steering components keep it headed in the right direction (or away from trouble). The LYNX even includes optional LED downlight buckets to ensure you can see attacks coming from all angles…even below.

The addition of true Beadlock wheels mean that weight bias can easily be adjusted, and the aggressive multi-terrain tyres suitable for Off and On Road Zombie chasing. The body has additional detailing like Roof Rails, a Spare Tyre Carrier, Rear View Mirror and GPS/Dashcam. The distinctive Biohazard livery is unmistakable, once you see a LYNX ORV in the flesh (however decomposed yours may be), you will never forget it.

The LYNX ORV is the next release in the Carisma Scale Adventure RTR family. With all the standard features you would expect from this Recon G6 Certified bloodline, like a Steel C section ladder chassis, high grip 1.9” off-road tyres and real Beadlock Wheels, the rig’s stock setup is just perfect, but there's so much future potential. The front bumper is winch-ready and the shell and chassis designed to accommodate an LED and downlighter kit to add that extra touch of scale realism (and illuminate even the darkest of places you want to run...)

Never has a being surrounded by a Zombie Apocalypse been so much fun...

"Wake up and smell the decomposing bodies..."

Ivan Carisma


  • Weight: Approx. 2200g (RTR)
  • Skid Clearance: 75mm (adjustable)
  • Length: 480mm (varies by model)
  • Width: 230mm (varies by model)
  • Wheelbase: 280mm (adjustable)
  • Height: 210mm (adjustable)
  • Features

    • LED-Ready, Photorealistic, Fully Detailed Scale Bodyshell
    • Solid Axles & Double-Triangulated 4-Link suspension
    • Steel C-Section Ladder Chassis & Trail Ready Layout
    • On Axle or Chassis Mounted Steering Servo Options
    • Rear Bumper with Tow Hitch & Shackles Included
    • Adjustable Wheelbase, Geometry & Weight-Bias
    • Bi-directional Motor Mount and Transmission
    • Front Winch-Ready Bumper with Shackles
    • True Beadlock Wheels & High-Grip Tyres
    • Steel UJ’s on all Transmission & Steering