Recreating A British Classic

Nearly 2 years ago we decided to produce a classic 80’s Range Rover. After many conversations between Hong Kong and the UK we narrowed it down to a 1981 4-Door example. Then started the long, but necessary process of securing the licensing with JLR, and then collaborating with its Classic Works division to get the original design data for the 1:1, create our own prototypes and bring this 80’s legend back to life.

By licensing the body/ logo’s and original design data we felt we were following the most professional route. It also gave us access to archive information and a direct link to JLR if we had any technical questions about the original design, it’s colour options and additional historical facts.

We also visited The British Motor Museum, containing the World’s largest collection of historic British cars in Warwickshire, England. There are over 300 Classic cars on display from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust and the Jaguar Heritage Trust, including classic Land Rovers and Range Rovers. It’s an inspirational place and really fired us up for the project ahead.

Just over a year after that visit the first bodyshells started to appear ready for mock ups. We built prototypes not only to test the look and fit of the body on our stock 285mm chassis, but also to present to JLR but also to complete the licensing approval process. Luckily they loved our work and we eventually got the green light in Q3 of 2018 to produce the model we truly wanted.

We are very proud to present that to the RC industry, either as a full RTR or as a Clear Body Set, and a direct fit onto existing Coyote or LYNX owners rigs. The final result not only looks stunning, but is in keeping with the originals unmistakable lines and look. Something that’s not easy to do with a Lexan shell, but it’s a medium we pride our self in working with to a very high level of detail.

The Classic 4 Door Range Rover is shipping now and will be available from all good CSA stockists globally.