New FREE to Download 3D Print STL Files


In a new initiative from Carisma Scale Adventure, we will be offering a series of 3D printable Scale Accessories, specifically designed for our SCA1E based vehicles. Simply use the link to download the STL files required, print the files in your own chosen material, paint and weather as you see fit, then fit to the bodyshell using M2 hardware.

The first files are to create a EXO Roofrack for the LYNX ORV. They consist of: – The Roof Rack itself, 6 EXO Arms, a Spare Tyre Mount and 4 Spotlights. Grab the files and a copy of these instructions here: LYNX ORV EXO ROOF RACK

We recommend printing using a Raft, with Support, with a minimum 40% Infill Density, and at as high a resolution as possible. Both PLA and ABS have been used to print the parts with great success, and remember that once printed, the parts will need boding together, so use the correct type of adhesive for your chosen material. Lastly, this is a FREE to Download set of files, offered to all existing LYNX ORV owners under a Creative Commons Licence.  You can use the files  to reprint the object, modify the design, remix it with other designs, or make significant creative additions. All we ask is that you don’t use the files for commercial gain.

We will be offering more files in the future, will the aim to build up an archive of Carisma Scale Accessories for all our vehicles.

Remember to show us your prints and share your own STL files with us via our dedicated Facebook page:  HERE