LYNX ORV Launches To Approval From Public

At midnight on Halloween, Hong Kong time, UK Time and West Coast US time we launched our second product to the hobby industry with three different videos.

The LYNX ORV (Outbreak Response Vehicle)

The LYNX ORV (Outbreak Response Vehicle) is Built on the same platform as the G6 certified Coyote, the LYNX is designed as a fun 4WD RTR platform that dares to be a little different. The Zombie Outbreak theme and ORV livery perfectly taps into the ethos of survival horror computer games, will appeal to fans of the Walking Dead TV series, Cosplay fans, and excite anyone who wants something different from their next RC purchase. It’s a product that’s designed to fire the imagination of all that see it and its advertising campaign, and will appeal to a much wider range of customers than just the existing regular RC and Scale fans.

A Scale Survivor

The Outbreak Response Vehicle is a streetwise, semi-armoured 4×4 designed to withstand the onslaught of the living dead, regardless of the urban setting, and still wheel with the best of them off road, on rocks, in rivers, or trail running between safe locations. With a LED-ready Body and full width Lightbar, Hard cased Spare Tyre Carrier, Tow Hitch, Snorkel, and Winch-ready front bumper, its fully equipped with everything required to survive even the most virulent Zombie Apocalypse.

So far the response has been pretty staggering. Pre-orders are flooding in and we have been inundated with messages saying how different the rig is and how clever the marketing has been. The products webpage is now live: Here

PS: The third release is nearing completion of design stage, but more on that another time…