A Quest For G6 Certification – Part 1

Words & Images: Scott ‘AceofAxe’ Curlin

About six months ago I got the call from Peter Gray. He asked if I would like to be part of  3 man team to go on a quest for a G6 Certification? I couldn’t say yes fast enough. He had told me that I would be sent to Erzberg, Austria with new rig he had helped develop called the SCA-1E Coyote, and prove its durability and performance in the Recon G6 Fix 12 hour Enduro. To say I was excited would be the understatement of the century. More details would be fed through as they came available. Originally it would have been Myself, Pete (freshly appointed as the new Brand Manager and product developer of Carisma Scale Adventure) and his boss, the one and only Ivan Carisma.

Unfortunately as the event drew nearer we had to change the teams dynamic a little. The new product line they were both in the process of launching was brought forward by a few weeks, and thus Ivan would be extremely busy overseeing the manufacturing process in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and Pete would be manning the helm of three huge screens in the UK (affectionately called The Hive Mind)  for the build up to the release itself,  running all the social media, and co-ordinating our content and live reports real time from the event itself.

Now I couldn’t do this alone, so we needed two more team members, that could not only drive well, but  also that understood the importance of surviving a 12 hour gruelling, relentless slog.  as Luck would have it, John Wasley (RCCar.Zone contributor, and class winner many times at the UK Scale Nationals and UK Recon G6) would be on Holiday nearby during the weekend of the event, and accepted the challenge straight away. (luckily for us, his wife Justine is into Off Road herself and granted him a weekend pass!)

So now Pete and I were trying to figure out who else we could recruit as our third man. I then remembered that another UK Nats and Recon G6 regular, Robb Haze mentioning he would love to attend the event. Pete and I both agreed that he would be a great addition to the team. So after a few minutes on the phone, the line up was now complete.

I decided there would be no way I would want to drive the  15 hours plus it would take to get there,  so I decided to book my flights. Well unfortunately, there was no single airline that would fly out and back when I wanted and needed to, so I had to book one airline leaving London Gatwick for the flight out. Then a separate airline to fly back into London Stansted for the return leg. As John would already be there, he would not require a flight with us. I then gave Robb my flight info and he mirrored it to allow us to share a rental car. John would meet us at the airport in Salzburg, Austria. Then we would just need to drive the 2.5 hours to the event at Erzberg.

We arrived early and had the rental car loaded down by the time John arrived. We made a quick stop close to the event to get snacks and other requirements for the weekend. We should of been there less than 30 minutes from that stop. But, the scenery was too much to just drive passed. The views were simply amazing and we kept stopping to take photos.

The simply stunning scenery

The chosen three ready for a Carisma Scale Adventure

After winding through the little town of Eisenerz we arrived at the gate of Erzberg and the Event itself. We quickly noticed the ground would not be fun to sleep on. It was basically lava rock. There was also dust in the air from all the mining on site. It looked like another planet honestly.

Anyway, we parked up and went to find Brian Parker and Johanna (Joey) Wechselberger. We found Joey straight away manning the coffee jeep and simultaneously checking in drivers. We all hugged and quickly caught up, and then she put a call out on the walkie to Parker. He then popped his head over the side of the course and saw us and quickly ran over to see us. A truer family reunion you will never see. Parker and Joey have quickly became part of our global scale family, and we have became part of theirs.

Parker was extremely busy as always, and quickly returned back to the trails to finish setup. We headed to the campsite where Daniel Siegl from RC4WD had already reserved us a spot. Upon arrival I quickly decided I would sleep in the car! Robb and John pitched up on the rocks and they quickly settled their mats, inflatable beds and sleeping bags.

Part 2 very, very, soon…